Hi Guys. Enjoy the photos.

A brief history.
I started really getting into photography around 2003, about a year or so before I got married. I had a Sony point and shoot digital camera, 3.2MP. All in all, it was an adequate camera, but I quickly outgrew and wanted more features, more control.

I bought a Nikon D50 about a month before Hurricane Rita destroyed our area back in 2005. Unfortunately, DSLR in hand, I had no idea how to use it, and my equipment (lens selection) was horrible. I merely documented the entire hurricane incident, taking about 1200 pictures in the span of a week. This, I believed, was the most amount of pictures I'd ever take in a week. Looking back, it's almost frustrating how little I knew, and how poor my composure choices, lighting choices, etc were.

Now days I have switched to Canon. I think Nikon and Canon are equals, and love them both, but my friends and family shoot Canon, and my father especially. We can share lenses, flashes, and trade bodies for various reasons. I loved my Nikon, but Canon was a logical progression.

Even though now I shoot more professional equipment, gear is only half the battle. I know my style, and more importantly, what I like about photography and what my goals are.

Let me know if you'd be interested in using me for some work. Thanks!
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